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Pink Whisper Tie-Dye Jumpsuit

Pink Whisper Tie-Dye Jumpsuit

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Made in Sustainable Fabric

It is a chic, relaxed-fit, tie-dye jumpsuit. It features a soft, pinkish hue with a white abstract tie-dye pattern. The design includes short sleeves, a button-up front, and a collar, giving it a polished yet casual feel. There's a comfortable element with its loose cut and ample pockets on the chest and sides. The fabric appears to be a lightweight material, ideal for a laid-back, yet sophisticated daytime look. This ensemble could be named something like "Pink Whisper Tie-Dye Jumpsuit," which reflects its gentle color scheme and the relaxed vibes it exudes, aligning with a modern, breezy aesthetic.

Made In: MADE IN China

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