2021 was supposed to be my year.


I had it all laid out, goals planned, and a perfect vision in my mind of what I wanted the year going forward to look like.


When I tell y’all that not a damn thing played out the way that it was supposed to, I flipping mean it.


I learned early on that the whole “In God’s Time” mantra that I was religiously trying to live by meant absolutely NOTHING if there wasn’t movement or intention behind it.


Now that isn’t me saying that it doesn’t work or that its straight bologna, I’m not saying that at all.


What I am saying is that the BIGGEST lesson of 2021 came when spirit said, “Things are coming that are going to flip your entire life right upside down and I am going to need you to just TRUST me that what is to come is for the greater good and to put you in alignment with your higher self Rebecca.”


I vividly remember laughing and replying, “Got it Lord! After the past couple of years and all I have already endured, I think I can handle whatever you throw at me.”


And, with that I walked out of the hallway I was in and through the door to my next leg of my journey.


Absolutely CERTAIN that pushing forward with our launch on Amazon, Wal-Mart Market Place and Faire was where our newest journey for After All This Time was headed.


Then it happened, spirit said, “Wait.”


To say that I was unimpressed is literally an understatement, I literally had it all laid out, planned out and ready to go on command. How could spirit be telling me yet again in my life to just be patient? Hadn’t I already been patient enough over the course of this crazy journey????


As mad and hurt as I was that I was being told to wait, it was for good reason.


I could have never prepared myself or even seen what was coming, in fact it all blindsided me so fast that it knocked the wind out of my sails and put me at an absolute stand still.


Now all of this came on the heels of the most incredible start to the year.


My book, Beckie’s Best Kept Secret launched in February, I signed papers to purchase a building to open a second storefront at the farm, and ultimately was still rolling out plans for our upcoming season when everything I knew caused me to uproot and make an entirely new plan all across the board.


Just as our season was beginning on Portage for the year my little family and our life was forced to embrace new things, a lot of change, some extremely hard, emotional, and tough choices that changed the course of our existence forever.


One moment was all it took to change everything forever, and since that moment I have put my entire life, focus, and perspective on bettering not only myself, but my family’s life, my business, and the future of all of the above.


You can’t get better if you continually stay in a place or surround yourself with people who ultimately do not want better for you, even if you want those things for yourself.


Growth is hard. Growth is painful. Growth hurts.


What hurts even more is rearranging your front row entirely all over again after you never expected to have to do such a thing again in this lifetime.


The reality is sometimes in order to get to where God intends for you to go, you HAVE to do such things when he tells you to. Because if you don’t, friends he is going to do it for you in ways you never saw coming.


What happened after all of this was me reflecting on how I had not only lived my life, but followed through with what I was trying so hard to accomplish in the first place.


I was so focused on the Hustle, making goals that benefited everyone else, worrying about people pleasing, and setting everyone else up that I had lost sight of what it was that God intended for me in the first place.


Believe me when I tell you that every single one of us has a purpose, and that purpose is not to be miserable, complain about everything, or to just work and die without enjoying life.


Our purpose is our story, and how doing the work internally to heal generational trauma, getting our Chakras in line and our emotions in check so that we can live in ACTUAL peace with ourselves.


Roll your eyes if you want to, it is literally true. Every word of it.


If you are anything like me you may have spent WAY too many nights scrolling through social media trying to keep up with the next best thing.


So. Much. Time. Wasted.


I got SO wrapped up in the Hustle and chasing the newest, the best, the biggest, the brightest, the most amazing thing, that I lost focus of what was important and because of that, God cut me down at the knees to make sure I KNEW where my focus needed to stay.


On the glory of my story.


I knew that I needed to re-evaluate my position and I started researching “THE HUSTLE” that so many women felt the need to chase after.


What I found was an unpopular opinion from the likes of Malinda Fuller, and when I tell you that you NEED to invest in this book (Obedience over Hustle) if you are overwhelmed with anxiety and the thought of just trying to keep up, I MEAN IT!

It will change your life, and that is no joke.

Crazy part is, every part of what she had wrote was true and resonated with me straight to my core to the point that it caused me to shift perspective and ultimately changed the way that I lived my entire life.


I went into hermit mode and backed away from social media and posting all the time. I rearranged my life to try to mirror the goals I was chasing after, but added in the INTENTION that I needed to accomplish them.




We try hard to remained focused with intention on things, but often get side tracked with comparing ourselves to others, even though we know better.


The even harder part is most people have dreams and goals, and they really want to chase after them, but only scroll feeds on social media without setting the intention of getting started in the right direction because they are SCARED.


Look, nothing about any of it is easy, if it were, everyone, and I mean everyone would be doing it, but the truth behind it all, even if it isn’t easy, is that it is possible.


What I did isn’t going to work for everyone, but use what I did and change it to suit your needs.


I started by decluttering EVERYTHING.


Clothes, shoes, personal belongings, if it no longer served me purpose, it needed to go, and that also included folks in my front row that were holding me back from becoming the absolute best version of myself.


Holding on to things that weigh you down or keep you stagnant and stuck will never help you to move forward. Trust me on this.


I started meditating every single day and centering myself so that I could internally let go of all that no longer served me.


I literally backed away from social media and focused on growing myself and my brand.


That isn’t to say I wasn’t on it, watching, researching, or taking notes. It is me saying that if it didn’t serve me, I didn’t focus on it.


Sticking with socials, while I didn’t delete anyone, I did unfollow A LOT of them.


The negativity, the passive aggressive behaviors, and clap backs from people looking for reactions they were never going to get weren’t serving me so I removed them from my life while I focused on what was important. ME.


I advise everyone and anyone to do the same. I promise you that your life will do a complete 360 degree turn and you will be better for it.


While social media is a great tool when used correctly, you can’t move forward with your life and your own goals if you are watching everyone else accomplish theirs instead.


I said what I said, and I will say it 100 times over if necessary to get my point across.


Just take a break and step away for awhile.


I mean that.


Go into hermit mode and focus on yourself and what is really important and watch how drastically things change when you do.


Sis’ you aren’t missing a damn thing by walking away from socials for a minute, that much I can promise you.


I know, because I know, and when I came back to it, everyone was still doing the same things they always do, you won’t miss much, I promise.


Focus on not only your mental health, but also your physical and emotional health.


I started journaling DAILY.


Multiple times a day in fact. It is the first thing I do in the morning after I get my coffee, the thing I do halfway through my day, and the last thing that I do at night before I go to bed.


I started journaling out all of my feelings, my goals, my dreams, my intentions, and I cannot even tell you how amazing that feels to no longer carry around the weight of those words every day.


Journaling is freeing, everyone should try it and it is a 10/10 from me.


I hear A LOT, “I don’t know what to write.”


That’s ok, write in your journal to YOURSELF, write letters to YOURSELF that next year you can look back on and be thankful for how much you endured and lived through.


It’s your journal and nothing about it has to be perfect, believe me, but just START somewhere.


Write, draw, make lists of goals and dreams. It doesn’t matter where you start, just START.


Be intentional no matter what you choose to do.


Switch coffee for tea.

Stop eating meat and cheese.

Don’t eat processed foods.

Exercise, take a walk, connect with nature, seek adventure.

Start a new hobby, start a new business, or pursue old things that you once loved doing as a child, and embrace those things about yourself.

Write a book, or read a book.

Drink more water, and this one is an important one.

Go to church or stop if that is what serves you better.


Whatever it is or no matter how you choose to do the things you do, do those things with intention and know that the end goal is to better your own self, mind, body and soul.


You will Thank yourself later on for having done these things, I promise you.


You will NEVER catch me chasing the Hustle ever again in this lifetime. Mostly because hustling as hard as I was almost killed me mentally & emotionally, and in turn my health and my dreams suffered, and friends that is NOT a place I ever want to be in ever again.


What I can tell you going into 2022 is that I am more intentional than ever before because of all of the major life changes I made for myself, my family and my business.


I’m at peace internally with everything I experienced in 2021, even though it meant flipping my entire life upside down yet again.


It showed me how to come at things from a complete place of love so that I can truly become the absolute BEST version of myself in every way possible.


The changes showed me that while life in that moment may have been overwhelming, chaotic, and scary for a little while, it was NOT the end of all ends.


In fact it was actually just the beginning.


I trusted God and myself to make it through another period of absolute craziness, and friends, neither of us failed.


By the time we closed the boutique in the fall, we had one of the most absolutely incredible seasons to date, we purchased every machine we needed for the 2022 season.


Currently my team and I working REALLY hard to set ourselves up for the Spring 2022 season, and we are going in knowing that no matter where this journey takes us, it is going to be AMAZING. Everything that we all had to endure in 2021 was not for nothing.


Rolling into September with the Wallen mail, and then into November as our brand and the glory of God and our story got featured in/on news outlets across the country proves that moving with intention & God’s direction will take you precisely where you are meant to be.




This year my intention is to plan out my socials for months at a time so that I can walk away from them and let them run on auto pilot so I can focus my time on writing, creating, and ENJOYING chasing my dreams again.


This year my intention is to find my voice and never lose it ever again or fear that it isn’t important, because it IS.


This year my intention is to grow my product line and business to a 6-figure business and prove that through hard work, dedication and INTENTION it can, will and does happen if you continue to believe in yourself and your dreams. None of which should be very difficult considering that our launches on Amazon, Wal-Mart Market Place, Faire and Hobby Lobby will be rolling out in waves throughout the entire year.


This year my intention is to help others also realize their potential in ways that they may never thought were possible before.


This year my intention is to grow my following so that I can continue to spread the glory of my story and WHY that story is as important as it has ever been.


Y’all, we all get knocked down from time to time.


Things happen that make us question everything we ever thought we knew about life, but it doesn’t mean that it has to knock the wind out of your sails forever, it means that you change course.


If God has you in a period of waiting, questioning or standing still, it means he wants you to look internally and re-center so that you can realize your own potential and the magic that you have inside yourself.


You LITERALLY have the power to change your entire life just by crawling deep inside your own heart, hugging and embracing your inner child in ways you may not have done before.


Whatever you do going forward friends, do it all, every bit of it with INTENTION.


Stop worrying so much about what everyone else thinks.


Friends, family, colleagues, people in your neighborhood, associates, STOP.


They aren’t you, they are not LIVING your life. You are, and I am here to tell you, no one can make those changes needed to get to where you are meant to go but you.


If your life continues down the same path year after year, it might be time to sit down and make some INTENTIONAL decisions to make INTENTIONAL changes in your own life.


Believe me when I tell you, you WON’T regret investing in yourself.  It will be the greatest investment you ever made that much I can guaran-damn-tee!


Until next time.


Jesus & I Love You.


* Disclosure: This is a professional review blog which gets compensated for the products reviewed by the companies who produce them. All of the products are tested thoroughly and high grades are received only by the best ones. I am an independent blogger and the reviews are done based on my own opinions. There are #paidpromotions within the links connected to this blog.


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