If It Were Easy Everyone Would Have A Book....

If It Were Easy Everyone Would Have A Book....

 Anyone who said that writing a book is easy, has never sat down and actually done it.


It involves SO much more than just sitting down at a computer and writing down your thoughts, hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the future.


It is HARD work.


It takes patience, and A LOT of it.


It also takes balance. Balance between life, children, work, and time. It means giving up what extra time you did have to give it to something else that has now become your passion and main focus.


Your goals become different, your outlook on life becomes different, and once you realize you have a purpose, your destination and journey towards that becomes different as well.


I have to take the time now to Thank my Littles, my Friends, and my Family in more ways than one.  There are more times than I can even begin to count over the months that they put up with my secluded behavior as I continued to pursue this portion of my dreams. As my actual “work” season picks back up and the hours become longer there, I will find myself writing more in the evening hours and on the weekends when we are supposed to be getting together. So I apologize now for the moments I’m sure to miss as I blaze down yet another trail in pursuit of another one of my biggest dreams.


There is something to be said about telling your Best Friend and your Sister that you just threw caution to the wind, stripped your life down, have decided to write not just one, but two books about the two major events in your life that literally shaped you into who you are today. That in due time once those books are published, you plan to become a motivational speaker to auditoriums full of women because you feel like this is REALLY where your true calling is only to have them turn around and say, “I’m SO proud of you, I would expect nothing less!"


It is a scary thing when you decide you want to put thoughts on paper or a computer screen for the entire world to see. It means that they are now out there for an entire world to read. What is scarier though is keeping them inside, never sharing my story, and not helping ANYONE. I don’t believe that God intended for my story to stay a quiet one, he intends for it to reach far and wide and to help as many as it possibly can along the way.


I won’t ever know if that means it reaches just 1 person or 1,000’s, but that part of it doesn’t much matter quite yet. What matters is sifting through the good and the bad, the ugly, and the not so pretty parts and putting them together in a way that they become relatable to whoever it is that my story is eventually supposed to help or reach.



I can’t promise that it is going to be the most epic of stories of all time, but what I can promise is that it is going to be MY story. My story, in MY own words, and THAT is what really matters to me. A true representation of what life was like from point A to point B and just what it took to get to said points. 


I know some of you are reading this and wondering how you are going to end up placing yourselves in my story. Well, if, and yes I said, IF, and when that time comes, I will approach you with whatever chapter you are to be a part of so that you can read what role you played in my life to get me to that point. Of course there will be release forms, and legalities and such, but we will deal with such things when and if we need to….


For now your prayers can go one of two ways I suppose.


Pray that you made enough of an impact that you get written into the story that tells that portion of the journey of my life, or you pray that you weren’t the one that screwed it up so bad you get used as the example in said story.


Either way its set to be a pretty amazing read.


 Jordan said to me the other day, “Mom, I just can’t.”


I stopped what I was doing, walked across the kitchen, and pointed my Mom finger in his direction and said, “Don’t you DARE EVER tell me that you CAN’T do something SON! I was 35 years old with 3 Babies as a Single Momma’ when I went after what I wanted! I worked full time & STILL went to classes two nights a week to get my Firefighting Certificates that hang on the wall in that office over there! Can’t is NOT a word IN OUR vocabulary SON, because if I CAN DO IT. ANYONE CAN! I didn't get to GIVE UP because I COULDN'T OR CAN'T, and that isn't saying that there wasn't moments that I didn't want to Jordan, BUT I DID IT ANYWAY! You DON'T GIVE UP and YOU DON'T QUIT EVER!”



I won't EVER stop telling my Littles that they CAN go after what they want, and that they CAN pursue whatever their Little Hearts do DESIRE! DREAM AS BIG as you want to Little ones, and DO NOT EVER STOP having big dreams NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU GET!!! In turn I have to continue to practice what I preach, and so I can't stop pursuing my dreams either!


You just have to BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS & IN YOURSELF, and for the very first time in my entire life I believe whole-heartedly that this path I’m on is taking me to the greatest of places. That the end result that will come from all this will be greater than anything I really could have ever hoped or dreamed possible. 



The destination is still unknown, but isn't that the beauty in all of this anyway? 

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