Actually, I can.......

As Randi and I sat discussing the business during our lunch date yesterday she asked me about this month's blog. 


I could smile knowing that there are currently 3 in the que waiting to be released, but since I was INSANELY busy with more products launching, wholesale orders, and some ridiculously AMAZING sales for y'all; well I just couldn't narrow down which way I wanted to go this month. 


So with that being said I've decided to take a MUCH needed break from the blog for this month. It doesn't mean that I am not writing, because on top of everything else that happens back here in the creation station that is ALSO one of those things that gets accomplished on the daily. 


I am excited to announce that After All This time will be adding 5 more products to our storefront in the next few weeks!! Therefore I need to keep my focus directed on the final stages of the design to production phases. We truly think you will LOVE what we are bringing to the table! :) 


With several MORE designs in the works and more options than ever before we are excited to bring you even MORE AMAZING Yooper Gear! 


The MUCH anticipated Made With Love From the Great Lakes State will be following suit near the end of the year & into the beginning of 2018. 


It is truly INCREDIBLE just how much my team and I have managed to accomplish in just a few short months! There is absolutely NO way that I could do ANY of this without them!! Thank You to my entire team, my family and friends for hanging in there on this crazy ride & to y'all for the endless love & support for our designs and products!


Stay tuned Ladies & Gents.....After All This Time is just gearing up....SO MANY EXCITING things are coming!!!!!


Much Love & Many Blessings Y'all! 


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