2019 - The Year Everyone Forgot Who They Were

2019 will forever be known as the year that everyone seemed to forget who they were & what their purpose in this life is.


It was the year that everyone decided that going viral and getting likes on social media was more important than common decency and basic human kindness.


It was the year that people turned a cheek on those in need, and yet had no problems complaining on Facebook about their own problems as if they were so much worse than the person that they couldn’t extend a hand to help.


It was the year that women bought more self-help books in the hopes of finding their own selves in someone else’s story, all the while forgetting how important their own stories are.


It will FOREVER be known as the last year in a decade that SO many are happy to see go, and I for one have a hard time understanding why.


2019 is and always will be the year that forced so many outside of their comfort zones and left those unwilling to spot the need for change more bitter and angry than ever before.


Unlike any year prior 2019 was the year that changed SO many and left little to be desired after that change.


Sadly, it is the year that so many will stand to close a chapter on and in turn be the year that they blame for their heartaches and pain.


The reality is that 2019 was a year that started the same as any other.


It was “EVERYONE’S” Year on January 1st, 2019.


Believe me – My entire social media feeds were FULL of EVERYONE posting about 2019 being THEIR YEAR.


The year of Health, Wealth, Abundance, and Change, and what a glorious year it started off to be.


My own feed was full of those going to the gym, making changes, making sacrifices, and ready to POWER through the year.


Slowly people started dropping like flies, falling off their wagon of choice, and more & more as the days and weeks drug on it was inevitable that more would fall even still.


Few remained on course, and even fewer were intentional with their goals and dreams.


The reality is that 2019 started off strong, your best friend on your journey to self-awareness and BIG changes.


So, what happened? What changed? How did this year just days away from 2020 turn on you & end so wrong?


Well if you are ready, I am about to spit some truths at you.


You see 2019 wasn’t the year that everything went wrong because it was the most awful year in existence.


2019 went wrong because you didn’t hold your own self accountable for your actions, your choices, your movements, etc.


The reality of it all is that you started 2019 with the best of intentions. I am sure you and so many others did, but somewhere along the line you stopped choosing YOU.


That is without a doubt the entire reason 2019 went so wrong for so many of you.


You stopped choosing you!


Your goals got harder the further you got into 2019, and in turn you stopped working so hard to pursue them.


Y’all, I hear you and your excuses, “Life got hard.” “I got kids.” “I work a lot.” “I am tired.” “I don’t have time.”


The reality remains – You stopped choosing you, and you forgot who YOU were in the process.


You made excuses. When it sunk in how easy it was to make those excuses you started making even MORE excuses, and eventually you buried your own self in them.


Ultimately sabotaging who and what you would have become if you had just 1) Chosen You and 2) pushed through the HARD stuff that NO ONE POSTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR WRITES ABOUT IN A BOOK.


Of course things are going to happen to throw you off course of where you are supposed to be, the devil wouldn’t work SO hard against you if he didn’t believe what you were doing would help others get to where they needed to be.


I promise you when I tell you that one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, one moment at a time, one breath at a time is ENOUGH.


It’s a simple concept.


So how can something SO simple be the ANSWER to where your 2019 year took a turn for the worst???


The answer is simple, you had a CHOICE.


You STILL have a choice, YOU ALWAYS have a choice, and it is time to start making that choice YOU!!!!


Stop worrying about your selfie on Facebook getting so many likes, or your story on Instagram being shared by some big influencer.


Stop comparing your life and your story to so many others on the internet and social media, THEIR STORY IS NOT YOUR STORY!


In a world where social media RULES our daily lives, its so easy to want to compare ourselves to what we are seeing in front of us on a screen.


I want to make a couple FACTS extremely real for y’all.


  • If what you are sharing, liking, loving, and scrolling through is NOT making you money or is a part of your purpose – STOP DOING IT. Get off Social Media and WORK on your goals, dreams, lists, dream boards, businesses, etc. Whatever the case may be, if it is not HELPING you, it makes you feel AWFUL or disrupts your PURPOSE – AGAIN you are NOT CHOOSING YOU – STOP IT!


  • Believe only part of what you see. No one is sharing their struggles. OK. OK. I get it, some people are sharing ALL of their struggles, but they are NOT the ones I am referring to. I am talking about the people you honestly believe are doing SO WELL based on their social media accounts. The reality is WE ARE ALL FIGHTING SOMETHING IN OUR LIVES! DON’T FOR A SECOND BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH BASED ON WHAT YOU ARE SEEING PEOPLE POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA!  KNOCK IT OFF – CHOOSE YOU!


  • Unless the people you see on social media are HUGE INFLUENCERS (I am lucky enough to be friends with some of the biggest in the business, and even they don’t post every single hour or multiple times a day trying to PRETEND their lives are perfect. Quite the opposite in fact!!) I PROMISE you they are spending just as much time on social media as YOU are, chances are they are making their own selves insecure and they are also most likely comparing themselves and their own stories to those around them. STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! CHOOSE YOU. DO NOT STRIVE TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE or the people you see posting all over social media UNLESS your ultimate goal is to be a BIG influencer backed and paid by large brands, in which case CARRY ON! Just be forewarned it takes YEARS to get to where some of these Ladies and Gents are…..If it is your ultimate goal, GET AFTER IT, but don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t happen right away!


2019 was the year that EVERYONE around me somehow FORGOT who they were!


The year that everyone struggled, a lot complained, and yet NO ONE did anything about it to better themselves or their situations.


Posting a meme or a vague status on social media is NOT changing your situations folks……again CHOOSE YOU first and watch the pendulum swing in the opposite direction.


No matter how hard I have tried to inform people that they aren’t alone, everyone is struggling and that it will be ok, people still don’t seem to get it.


2019 is not the year that turned its back on y’all. Y’all turned your back on 2019 when you stopped choosing you.


As we close out the year in the days to come, I want to leave y’all with a few things:


December 31st, 2019 – Say Good-Bye to the excuses, rid yourself of the hurt, pain and heartache you gathered up this year by accepting the RESPONSIBILITY that you are the sole reason that you are where you are in that very moment. As the year ends – LEAVE IT THERE.


January 1st, 2020 – Remember that NO MATTER what choices you have made to start your year off a success, CHOOSE YOU every single day, ALWAYS. It is the ONLY way that you will remain a success when we get to this point again next year. At the end of 2020, I want to sit down and be able to write out how many of my friends and family not only CHOSE themselves, but also FOUND themselves in the process. Make 2020 the year that you remember WHO you are and step foot into a new year, not as a new person, but as a better version of the person you have ALWAYS been.


Care more about yourselves & your families and LESS about social media.


Care more about your communities, shopping small, helping others, and getting back to the bare basics of the grassroots life y’all talk so much about!


Care less about going VIRAL, the LIKES & LOVES, and your social media presence, and watch your ACTUAL life start taking shape in front of your very eyes.


BE INTENTIONAL with yourself, your time, your focus and your goals and dreams for yourself.








Y’all….REMEMBER who you were when you were 14/15!


I mean it, close your eyes and REMEMBER who you were back then……


Remember the heart you had for yourself, your life, your dreams and your FUTURE.


Y’all FORGOT who you were in 2019, and I am hoping I can shed some light on CHANGING that as we close out the year.


As someone who stands in A LOT of your front rows cheering for you until my ribcage hurts, I hope you start seeing what the rest of us see in you.


I hope you remember who the hell you are & what you are more than capable of before it is too late to change it.  


Just because you forgot who you were for a minute or an entire year, whatever the case may be, doesn’t mean it is to late to change that.


When I say that I am personally coming for 2020 with a vengeance and a raging fire in my soul – I MEAN THAT WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING!


I hope I can say the same for y’all, but until you DIG DEEP and REMEMBER who you are, well you can’t truly start the new year off right until you do!


It is time to accept responsibility for your TRUTHS and the TRUTH is y’all forgot who you were and blamed the YEAR 2019 for all your problems.




Choose YOU while you still have time.


The countdown is on y’all…..


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